General English and French54-hour course255.00 EUR (VAT included)
Intensive General English (Every day Mon.-Fri.)100-hour course285.00 EUR (VAT included)
Intensive General French (Every day Mon.-Fri.)150-hour course380.00 EUR (VAT included)
For companies (English)54-hour course (max of 12 students per group1700.00 EUR + the cost of course books (25,00 EUR) per student) + VAT
For companies (French and Russian)54-hour course (max of 12 students per group)1400.00 EUR + the cost of course books (25,00 EUR)per student) + VAT
Russian54-hour course225.00 EUR (VAT included)
English private lessons*1 hour35.00 EUR (VAT included)
French private lessons*1 hour28.00 EUR (VAT included)
Russian private lessons*1 hour25.00 EUR (VAT included)
IELTS Preparation Course33-hour course215.00 EUR (VAT included)

* It is also possible to share the cost of these private lessons with up to three other people. Click here for more details about these ‘shared privates’.