Lessons 3 & 4: Emails of Inquiry + Replying to Emails of Inquiry

One of the most common forms of business correspondence is the email of inquiry. We write inquiries when we would like to receive more information about goods or services from a supplier/company. Emails of inquiry often include requests for the following: catalogues, price lists, price estimates, product samples, specific details about products, product demonstrations, information about terms and methods of payment, etc.

Because inquiry emails are often the very first point of contact between two organizations, the importance of professionalism and politeness in this kind of email cannot be stressed enough.

In this lesson, we will work on making our inquiries more professional and polite by looking closely at the structure of a proper inquiry email as well as some inquiry-specific vocabulary and phrases.

Before moving on to the quizzes for this lesson, please take a closer look at the Lesson Content below on the structure of inquiries and replies to inquiries.

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